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02 Jul 2019

SEO & DM marketing manager in Sydney

Working at Pretty Pollution gave me the chance to have a first working experience overseas and step in the Australian market. Meantime, I had the opportunity to have hands on the large spectrum of digital marketing activities and strategies.

For my clients, my responsibilities were, but not only contained to:

  • KPI tracking and tracking systems using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Digital marketing strategies depending on marketing goals, target market and budget
  • Execution of the SEO strategy, including technical optimisation, link building and content marketing.
  • Management of web projects (website updates, conversion optimisation and website build on Kentico CMS)
  • Set up and management of PPC campaigns on Google, Bing & Facebook, including Search, Remarketing, Display and Shopping

My key achievements are the following.

Hammersmith – creation & management of PPC campaigns

I worked for 4 years on hammersmith.com.au, leading balustrade and staircase online retailer. While leading the implementation of SEO optimisation, I created and optimised the Shopping, Search and Remarketing campaigns on Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Business.


✨PPC campaigns went highly profitable. On Google Ads, revenue generated were up to 7 times the spent. Australian organic traffic multiplied by 2 comparing 2015 and 2019.

✔ Feel free to ask me more details about this project and ask for a written reference.

The Eye Practice – optometrist in Sydney

I managed the SEO of the website theeyepractice.com.au, from end of 2015 until August 2018. The main projects were SEO, content marketing (including keyword research and identification of gaps, user search intent, creation of content silo, content consolidation and EAT optimisation, content readability and conversion optimisation)


✨It resulted of a huge increase of Australian traffic and lead generation.

✔ Feel free to ask me more details about this project and check the written recommendation on my LinkedIn profile.

Encore Event Technology formerly Staging Connections

I worked for 3 years on the SEO of the Staging Connections website (stagingconnections.com) then the new rebranded website Encore ANZPAC (July 2018)


✨ The Australian organic traffic Staging Connections had grown significantly and the traffic on Encore ANZPAC is 10% up comparing July 2018 & July 2019.

Working on the new rebranded website was one of my biggest challenges and the execution I did helped make the following results.

Staging Connections Australian organic traffic was 4231 visits in June 2018, before the new website went live: https://www.semrush.com/au/info/stagingconnections.com

Encore ANZPAC Australian organic traffic is now 5700 visits in July 2019, 1 year after the rebranding and new website: https://www.semrush.com/au/info/encore-anzpac.com

Elan Catering Equipment

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maxime on various digital marketing, SEM, SEO, Google Shopping and many other projects between 2015 and 2018. Maxime has a vast knowledge of modern and white hat SEO techniques and he is a very professional and proactive project manager. His collaborative approach, attention to details and attentiveness to clients needs together with his enthusiasm and more importantly his talent will be a huge asset to any employers.”

Hoss Esmaeilzadeh, Elan Catering Equipment

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