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02 Jul 2019

SEO & DM marketing manager in Sydney

Working at Pretty Pollution gave me the chance to have a first working experience overseas and discover the Australian market. Meantime, I had the opportunity to have hands on the large spectrum of digital marketing activities and strategies for my clients.

For my clients, my responsibilities were, but not only contained to:

  • KPI tracking and tracking systems using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Digital marketing strategies depending on marketing goals, target market and budget
  • Execution of the SEO strategy, including technical optimisation, link building and content marketing.
  • Management of web projects (website updates, conversion optimisation and website build on Kentico CMS)
    Set up and management of PPC campaigns on Google, Bing & Facebook, including Search, Remarketing, Display and Shopping

My key achievements are the following.

Hammersmith – creation & management of PPC campaigns

For hammersmith.com.au, leading balustrade and staircase online retailer. While leading the implementation of SEO optimisation, I created and optimised the Shopping, Search and Remarketing campaigns on Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Business.


✨PPC campaigns went highly profitable. On Google Ads, revenue generated were up to 7 times the spent. Australian organic traffic multiplied by 2 comparing 2015 and 2019.

✔ Feel free to ask me more details about this project and ask for a written reference.

The Eye Practice – optometrist in Sydney

I managed the SEO of the website theeyepractice.com.au, since middle of 2015.


✨It resulted of a huge increase of Australian traffic and lead generation.

✔ Feel free to ask me more details about this project and check the written recommendation on my LinkedIn profile.

Encore Event Technology formerly Staging Connections

I worked for 3 years on the SEO of the Staging Connections website (stagingconnections.com) then the new rebranded website Encore ANZPAC (July 2018)


✨ The Australian organic traffic Staging Connections had grown significantly and the traffic on Encore ANZPAC is 10% up comparing July 2018 & July 2019.

Working on the new rebranded website was one of my biggest challenge and the execution I did helped make the following results.

Staging Connections Australian organic traffic was 4231 visits in June 2018, before the new website went live: https://www.semrush.com/au/info/stagingconnections.com

Encore ANZPAC Australian organic traffic is now 5700 visits in July 2019, 1 year after the rebranding and new website: https://www.semrush.com/au/info/encore-anzpac.com


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