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12 Feb 2017

SEO manager at Cybercité: my achievements

Working at Cybercité was an excellent experience. I could discover the corporate world, working in collaboration with knit teams to deliver high-quality SEO services for clients of all size, from small businesses to large accounts.

I had the opportunity and chance to work on the following projects.

Famous French local online directory

For a leading French local online directory, I supervised the re-design of the website then managed  their SEO strategy for 2 years.


✨ Strong increase of organic traffic, up by 100% the first year and over 50% the second year

✔ Feel free to ask me more details about this project. You can check 3 of my references on my LinkedIn profile.

Leading French Internet provider

I worked for 1 year and half for one of the leading Internet service provider in France. Based on the SEO strategy, I made technical optimisation recommendations, pitched them to stakeholders. I also drove the link building actions and the animation of the Google+ page.


✨ Increasing organic traffic by 60%, organic conversions by 50% excluding brand traffic

✔ Feel free to ask me more details about this project and a letter of recommendations.

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