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13 Sep 2018

Google Partners Summit 2018

Google Partners Summit 2018 - Sydney - Carriageworks - Banner

Last September 2018, I had the opportunity to participate to the Google Partners Summit 2018.

Hundreds of marketers and IT fellows from Sydney were reunited. It was a great event to catch up (unexpectedly) with Mo, a close friend.

Catch up with Mo!

Along the afternoon, we attended to the following presentations:

  • A.I. for everyone
  • Simpler experiences and better results
  • Delivering growth solutions
  • Thinking outside the box

The “Thinking outside the box” presentation was really interesting and was a great way to explore and expand our creative mind. Contact me if you want to have a look at the slides.

What can you see? Think outside the box!

We could discover all the Google gadgets and goodies (including the now famous Google Bicycle) but as well the new products and services such as Google Lense.

The key takings for me were the adoption of machine learning in the PPC campaigns on Google Ads for my clients and how to focus and even predict the final user search intent.

Overall, it was as well an opportunity to see the big picture and visualize the future.

The blind men and the elephant.

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